Learn The Skills to Become Location independent


We live what we teach, and have been location independent for nearly 4 years now!


The training is usuable across all online businesses, and forms the basics for any online business.


The knowledge transfers across borders, and based on best practices picked up over the years.

The Creative Academy becoming a digital nomad family

Our Freedom

From the beaches in Thailand and Turkey, to the snow in Eastern Europe, we have traveled and experienced amazing locations and people across 8 countries … and counting, funded using what we teach here.

Our Courses

If somebody told you that one day you will be able to drive a car, or learn to count without using your fingers, you would of thought that they are crazy.

But you can do a lot more than just count past 10, every skill that you have right now is something that you started without.

So yes,  having no skills in marketing or design will not be a deterrent in starting your own marketing agency, or any business for that matter.

Having said that, the fear of the unknown is a huge stumbling block for most, so each module is step by step, allowing you to set your own pace and only pay for the modules that you need.

You still need to put in the work and take responsibility for your own future, this is not a short term get rich quick scheme, you will be able to scale and create a sustainable business if you treat it like a business.

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