day 2


Yesterday we covered the basics of what a niche is, today we will focus on one of the three types of online business – Providing services to clients.

We have 2 service providing businesses, and our course teaches every skill and system that we use for ourselves and our clients.

Having said that today you will learn how to look for niches using Groupon, Google and

Some of these are not available in every country, but are still valuable resources to use.

I have provided a worksheet to assist you in starting to look for a niche if you are interested in creating a Digital Marketing Agency and providing marketing for other people.

Included are some real life proposals and a Client Sheet with 60 example niches to get into.

Nothing here is rocket science, it is all based in logic and can be learnt.

Our Digital Marketing Agencies.

Fill in the worksheet and start thinking of an industry that you could see yourself getting  into, remember to think global.

Now think of every potential problem that happen to people that are also in that niche.

NOT the end users but the suppliers of possible solutions, remember you want to position yourself between the customer and the service provider.

Because everybody is busy and I do not want this to become a chore, you will not receive a video tomorrow, instead take the time to really think about your niche.

The next video is going to be long and there will be some technical aspects and tools that will be used, when we research selling products.


I will show you step by step how to start your own drop shipping business without spending any money to get started.

Until then join the Group and we will answer questions there.


Robert & Bianca

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