day 1


This is the first of 3 video tutorials on finding your niche, and this is the most crucial part of starting any business online or offline.

Today will be a very basic lesson, explaining what a niche is, this will also give you the opportunity to start thinking about your business, and if you have the right mindset for becoming location independent.

People make the mistake of thinking that an online business is not a real business, and this is the main reason why they fail.

If you take the next few days seriously, I promise you that you will have a much clearer picture of how you can start your business and become location independent.

These are the exact same methods that we use for our own businesses and for our clients.

We have a few high profile clients such as Emmy Nominated Hollywood actress Amy Gibson and her nutritionist husband

Tina Lovesan & Her Husband – they are Sweden’s most famous international female footballer and head coach.

We have clients in Holland, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, America and South Africa, and will be focusing on getting more local clients, since we have been here long enough to see the opportunities

We do a mix of selling marketing services and our own products, while next month we will start drop shipping again after a long layoff due to time constraints and the fact that we where not in the right head space last time.

I have made the audio & slides available for you to download and will do so through out the course.

You will receive an e-mail daily with the link to the next lesson and also to the Facebook Group created solely for this free course.

I would suggest waiting until the end of the video series before asking questions, since I tried to cover all possible questions.

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