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Robert & Bianca Taylor

Full Time Location Independent Digital Nomads

Robert and Bianca in Batumi, Georgia

Full Time Nomad Family

We have been full time traveling for almost three years now as a family and it has been amazing.

We sold everything in South Africa and bought a one way ticket to Thailand and have since traveled to over 5 countries, slow traveling our way across the globe on our terms.

All our income is generated online using the exact same methods and systems that we teach in our online courses.

detained at the Russian border for 2 hours

Amazing Experiences

Since we slow travel and mostly stay local, we get to have the most amazing experiences on a daily basis.

Crossing Russia on the Trans-Siberia train was a highlight that ended up with us being detained at the Russian Border for a few hours.

It felt very 1980's spy movie, luckily we had an amazing girl on the bus who got us across ( The young border guards where flirting with her so much, we could of left anytime)

Bianca teaching english in Vietnam

The Freedom of Choice

The ability to live and travel on our own terms is the greatest freedom that we could of wished for.

We do not have to stay in one place for longer than we want to, for example we had an amazing time in Vietnam.

Bianca was even teaching English in De Lat, while I built the first ever multilingual chatbot, but we did not have to stay there to work or live.


Our Skills & Expertise

I spent over 15 years in Sales & Marketing in the FMCG niche, before switching over to creating websites and virtual tours.

I know create automated sales funnels and chatbots for clients, while working on a few of our own projects.

Bianca comes from a fast food and real estate background, having owned a pizza shop and selling property in Cape Town.

We both work together on projects and Bianca is very vocal in the unschooling and worldschooling community.

You can follow our daily travels on Instagram

We post daily updates.

Since we practice what we preach and wish to show everybody how we live, we post daily updates, please be warned that we keep it real and not all posts are of exotic locations.

It is more a glimpse into the life of a slow traveling family, just like you has a normal daily routine ...

Except we get to decide on our location at will, we hardly stay in one location for more than three months, before we have the urge to pack up and go, to another part of town, or a new city or even a new country.

The aim is to show other families and individuals that living in a different country does not have to be scary,and it is totally doable on any budget.

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