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By RobertTaylor

Happy three years worldschooling anniversary to us 🎉

By Bianca Taylor

As we enter our fourth year into this amazing journey we have no intention of stopping yet. We have experienced some bucket list experiences, camped and swam along the crystal clear Turkish Mediterranean Sea, explored ancient sites, experienced the most colorful autumn in a Georgian mountainous village. A huge one for me – we played […]

Traveling Family Group Interview

By RobertTaylor

Welcome to our Worldschoolers of the Week, The Taylor Family! Thank you to Bianca Taylor for sharing with us. Q- First, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your family: We are a South African family of three who left South Africa in March 2017. We are Robert Taylor (48), Bianca Taylor (46), […]

Mindset & Positive habits

Mindset & Effective Habits are Key – Part 1

By RobertTaylor

I do not often post on mindset, since that is Bianca’s expertise, but after fielding so many motivation calls, I have decided to put a series together on creating habits and routines, I hope this is helpful… Learning a new skill is a huge undertaking and you’ve probably already broken it up into a set […]

Camping in Turkey

By Bianca Taylor

When your boy tells you that he loves you, while chilling on a backpack in a tent watching his movies. We have less stuff now than ever before and it has allowed us even more independence and freedom. Camping 50m from the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey has been confirmation that our decision to embrace our […]

playing with Russian & Chechnya boys

Why We Are Not Ready To Settle Just Yet

By Bianca Taylor

I realized today as we waved goodbye to another traveling Russian family that we really are travelers at heart. We are camping on the Black Sea in Georgia right now, so it’s playing barefoot in the forest with other kids, fashioning all kinds of things from sticks and stones, discovering new insects, plants and nature […]

Interview with The Foxes on World schooling

By Bianca Taylor

Please introduce yourselves and your family and where you are from? Hi, we are Shane, Chris T and Anna (10) from the Big Island of Hawaii. Are you worldschoolers traveling full time or taking many long trips? We slow-traveled around the world full-time from 2016 – 2018, when our daughter was 7-9 years old. For […]

robert in ureki beach resort

So What Is World Traveling Life Really Like As A Family?

By Bianca Taylor

” So what is your world traveling life really like, you only show the good bits?”  A friend asked. To be honest I was quite perplexed by this question and asked my friend to elaborate as I told him we do write about our travel hiccups and things that didn’t run smoothly and then put […]

Interview – Rick Ellis From Canada

By Bianca Taylor

1: Please introduce yourself and tell us where you are from? My name is Rick Ellis, born and raised in Canada. In 1978 I got an opportunity to go to Europe for a few months, and over 40 years later I still live outside my country! 2: What made you take the leap into leaving […]

The Creative Academy becoming a digital nomad family

The Taylor Family Into Our Third Year As Nomads

By Bianca Taylor

1: Please introduce yourself ( and your family if traveling with you ) and tell us where you are from? Hi we are are the Taylor family from South Africa. Bianca, Robert and the little dude. Today two years ago ( 22 March 2017) we jumped on an aeroplane headed to Singapore to start our […]

The Chase Family – From News Anchor to Digital Nomads

By Bianca Taylor

1: Please introduce yourself ( and your family if traveling with you ) and tell us where you are from? We’re the Chase family and we relocated from Johannesburg to the Mediterranean island of Malta in 2018. Marc was the national news anchor on in the mornings for nine years until we decided to […]

The Creative Academy Digital Nomads

Celeste & Altus – Digital Nomads

By Bianca Taylor

1: Please introduce yourself ( and your family if traveling with you ) and tell us  where you are from?  Hello fellow wanderlusters. We are two city kids from South Africa. ( Celeste and Altus) We met in school but only started dating in our early twenties. For the first two years of our relationship […]

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