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Chatbots to automate the sales process

By RobertTaylor

If you know how to sell, you’re almost guaranteed to succeed. If you don’t know how to sell, you’re almost guaranteed to fail. But what if there was a way to automate the initial on boarding and nurturing process of getting a prospect into your sales funnel and nurturing them on autopilot. leading them through […]

plumbing business online method

How to Create a Online Revenue Stream from a Physical Business

By RobertTaylor

This is based on building a sustainable passive income online business, and this is how you will get travel the globe without a home base. We do, as do thousands of others, from all walks of life and business models. The basics We are all experts in something, and it is usually the thing that […]

The Creative Academy becoming a digital nomad family

How we left South Africa to Travel the Globe

By Bianca Taylor

Hello everyone. We just like you knew we had to leave SA and as quickly as possible as SA was just sucking our time and money month, by month but how ? We had no assets that would sell in this down economy. We had no big savings to completely relocate to a new country […]

The Creative Academy Family Picnic

Things are different out here

By Bianca Taylor

This morning we spoke on the phone with some of the students who will be taking our online course with us and it reminded us of a few things we had forgotten since leaving SA March 2017. We had forgotten how hard it was to keep our heads above the water there, how much more […]

A better quality of life

By Bianca Taylor

Our reasons are a combination of a failing South African economy and rise in crime and future opportunities for our son. We wanted to find a better quality of life and future for him and for us. The second reason is that we did not want to live this life separate from each other, we […]

The Huffingtonpost article on being nomads

By Bianca Taylor

Ever since I was a kid, I always dreamed about being on the road so when I first discovered possibility of working online and staying perpetually on the road, I knew I had to find a way to do it, for myself and for my son. … We no longer maintain a home anywhere, preferring […]

Our Very First interview as Nomads

By RobertTaylor

Robert Taylor is a screen printer from South Africa. He and his wife are educating their four-year-old on the road as they travel, perfect their craft, and teach others a skill that they can actually use anywhere in the world. In This Episode How and why Robert teaches screenprinting while traveling Tips for saving money […]

Podcast regarding Chatbots

By RobertTaylor

What problem does your bot solve?? Or did you create a complicated frankenstein bot just because you could? Most of the time, the newbies in the bot industry just try to make a quick buck without having a clear purpose as to how their chatbot can serve their clients. What are you really trying to […]

virtual traveling as nomads

Virtual Traveling

By Bianca Taylor

Happy Monday from Georgia, Eastern Europe everyone. We just want to remind you to keep the dream and the vision of a better life at the centre of your thoughts this whole week. I believe that is key. When we were still in SA I was mentally already living the life we imagined for ourselves […]

our year as digital nomads

One Year as a Nomad Family

By Bianca Taylor

This week marks one year for us since we left South Africa to pursue our dream of a digital nomad and worldschooling lifestyle. ONE year, we can hardly believe it. It has been the best year of our lives and certainly my entire life so far. How has our life as digital nomads been so […]

The Migrating Mindset

By Bianca Taylor

MINDSET of MIGRATING culture shock noun the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes. My husband, my son and my then 3 year old son left South Africa in a leap of faith March 2017. We had flights booked to […]

Distribution Channel

By RobertTaylor

The avenues to the consumer is known as the distribution channel, and since there are many ways of reaching the customer, distribution channel analysis is critical to your success. Why? The choice of channel influences the price you can charge, and, consequently, the profit margins that you may enjoy. Three questions should be asked to […]

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