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Review of the Competition and Self

By RobertTaylor

By the time you have figured out your product and customer segment it is time to see where you fit in the market space, this is standard business strategy and while I am going to be writing about it, over the past few years I have moved away from doing things this way. I have […]

The Relevant Market

By RobertTaylor

In the previous post we discussed the Consumer Analysis,  we will now discuss the relevant market, the framework is based on the following three questions: What is the relevant market? Where is the product in its product life cycle? What are the key competitive factors in the industry? The Relevant Market The easiest mistake to […]

Consumer Marketing Analysis

By RobertTaylor

This is the First Follow on from This Post All marketing has to start with the consumer, there is no getting around this fact, therefore embrace it and understand it. But what exactly do you need to know about the consumer anyway? On-line Marketers have coined the word, “avatar” or your “Perfect Customer”, and since […]

The Marketing Strategy Framework

By RobertTaylor

Marketing Plans are circular in nature, and while it is easy to get one step right, to have a successful campaign you need to complete the circle. The Formula to Business Success =   1. Consumer Analysis 2. Market Analysis 3. Review of the Competition and Self 4. Review of the Distribution Channels 5. Development […]

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