Celeste & Altus – Digital Nomads

1: Please introduce yourself ( and your family if traveling with you ) and tell us  where you are from? 
Hello fellow wanderlusters. We are two city kids from South Africa. ( Celeste and Altus) We met in school but only started dating in our early twenties. For the first two years of our relationship we were working on two different continents and Skype was the foundation of our relationship 😉. Now we are married and traveling the world together.
2:  What made you take the leap into leaving your home country ?
I think that both of us have been inspired by our fathers who loved traveling themselves. Celestes dad loved the road and Altus’s dad traveled overseas and also had a passion for photography. We are both explorers by nature.
3: Are you  digital nomad/s  traveling full time or taking many long trips or have you settled in a new country?
Pre-2019 we did seasonal work in the USA on a farm, which allowed us to travel for three and a half months every year. We would save a lot while working in the US and then travel during the off-season. Since this year we have moved to the amazing Cape Town, which in its own right, offer so much to explore. From there we will be traveling to do promotional videos for businesses across Southern Africa.
4: The big question, how do you sustain yourselves financially?  
Haha, I guess I have answered this through my other answers.
5: Looking back, what are the best tips you can give others wanting to do the same? 
The best tips that I can give you is to first go and do an extensive trip before really committing to this lifestyle. Especially if you want to do it with your partner or other co-travelers. If you do like it, start looking for something that falls within your interest. There are more opportunities than one thinks.
6: How different is your life now and what are the most positive results you can share with us? 
Traveling full time will force you into becoming very flexible. More often than not, things don’t work out as planned. It will teach you patience. The best thing about traveling is how it teaches you compassion towards others and helps you see the world through different lenses, literally and figuratively.
7: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers to inspire them to take the leap? 
I would 100% encourage everyone to go and travel. I think that the world will be a better place and you will become a better person. Go to places that will challenge you, places where you think you will never go. The ones that you expect nothing of, often end up being the most wonderful countries.
8: Do you have any blogs, websites, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or other social media we can follow you on?
We do have social media links. Thank you so much for your time and interest. We love showing the beautiful places that we have been to the world and especially now that we are traveling more in our own country, sunny and diverse South Africa.