Chatbots to automate the sales process

If you know how to sell, you’re almost guaranteed to succeed. If you don’t know how to sell, you’re almost guaranteed to fail.

But what if there was a way to automate the initial on boarding and nurturing process of getting a prospect into your sales funnel and nurturing them on autopilot.

leading them through your sales funnel!!

In the course you get to build automated systems that do all the heavy lifting on autopilot for you, and one of the tools are automated chatbots connected to Google’s AI.

They learn and get smarter with every interaction, now you get 2 types of chatbots

1. I call them Dumbots – they are very linear and scripted.

Super easy to create and rely on buttons and prompts to lead prospects down a path.

2. Intelligent Bots – These are conversational Bots and do not rely on any linear scripts and can hold a conversation.

Learning from every interaction and getting smarter from them.

The course covers both types of chatbots and you will be able to be at the early stages of the future of online marketing.

I have set up a hybrid chatbot and if you message it on this page you can see both types in action.

I am still busy teaching it to respond to abstract questions but you can help by asking it anything you like and it will become smarter for it.

it is set up to respond to “can you “insert verb ” type questions”, but i have no control over the answers

So help me make the bot smarter .

Students you will benefit from it, since this exact chatbot will be given during that part of the course.

  • Lead Generation
  • List building
  • E-Commerce
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Content Sharing

the applications are endless.

I built the first ever multilingual chatbot in Vietnam, while we where there, it was for a restaurant and within 2 months it had increased the take away / delivery business by over 600%

so send it a message on the page or use this messenger link –