Build Your Location independent Digital Marketing Business, Even If You have No Skills. Step By Step You Will Learn Everything That We Know and Use  To Be Location Independent As a Family For Almost 2 Years Now.

Module 1 Your Foundation
Lesson 1 Your Business Model
Lesson 2 Resources Used
Module 2 Your Services
Lesson 1 Sales Funnels
Lesson 2 Sales Funnel Components
Lesson 3 Content Creation
Lesson 4 Writing Sales Copy
Lesson 5 Homework
Lesson 6 Course Resources
Module 3 Creating Your Website and Branding
Lesson 1 Introduction to Creating Websites
Lesson 2 Installing a Local Server
Lesson 3 Color Schemes for Design
Lesson 4 Font Pairing
Lesson 5 Creating Your logo
Lesson 6 Installing Plugins and Themes
Lesson 7 Your Website in 10 minutes
Lesson 8 Free Images for Design
Lesson 9 Batch Resizing Images
Lesson 10 Facebook Pixel and Google Pixel Setup
Lesson 11 Setting Up Your Website Theme
Lesson 12 Modifying a Layout
Lesson 13 Creating Reusable Templates
Lesson 14 Hosting and Domain Name
Lesson 15 Migrating a Website
Lesson 16 Season Greeting Card Automation
Lesson 17 Chatbots
Lesson 18 Resources Used
Module 4 Your Clients
Lesson 1 Client Overview
Lesson 2 Finding Your First Client
Lesson 3 Deciding On Services
Module 5 Dropshipping
Lesson 1 Complete Drop Shipping