Your Freedom Blueprint | The Creative Academy - Start Your Own Digital Agency

Build Your Location independent Digital Marketing Business, Even If You have No Skills. Step By Step You Will Learn Everything That We Know and Use  To Be Location Independent As a Family For Almost 2 Years Now.

Module 1 Your Foundation
Lesson 1 Your Business Model
Lesson 2 Resources Used
Module 2 Your Services
Lesson 1 Sales Funnels
Lesson 2 Sales Funnel Components
Lesson 3 Content Creation
Lesson 4 Writing Sales Copy
Lesson 5 Homework
Lesson 6 Course Resources
Module 3 Creating Your Website and Branding
Lesson 1 Introduction to Creating Websites
Lesson 2 Installing a Local Server
Lesson 3 Color Schemes for Design
Lesson 4 Font Pairing
Lesson 5 Creating Your logo
Lesson 6 Installing Plugins and Themes
Lesson 7 Your Website in 10 minutes
Lesson 8 Free Images for Design
Lesson 9 Batch Resizing Images
Lesson 10 Facebook Pixel and Google Pixel Setup
Lesson 11 Setting Up Your Website Theme
Lesson 12 Modifying a Layout
Lesson 13 Creating Reusable Templates
Lesson 14 Hosting and Domain Name
Lesson 15 Migrating a Website
Lesson 16 Season Greeting Card Automation
Lesson 17 Chatbots
Lesson 18 Resources Used
Module 4 Your Clients
Lesson 1 Client Overview
Lesson 2 Finding Your First Client
Lesson 3 Deciding On Services
Module 5 Dropshipping
Lesson 1 Complete Drop Shipping
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