Happy three years worldschooling anniversary to us 🎉

As we enter our fourth year into this amazing journey we have no intention of stopping yet. We have experienced some bucket list experiences, camped and swam along the crystal clear Turkish Mediterranean Sea, explored ancient sites, experienced the most colorful autumn in a Georgian mountainous village. A huge one for me – we played in snow on the beach.

We met and made the beautiful friends from back home and all around the world. We even had family come visit us which was a treat.

We are feeling “at home” in this lifestyle and amid this worldwide Covid19 panic we are feeling Blessed to already be homeschooling, working online and living a minimalist lifestyle. The state of emergency is not such a stretch for us as we carry on as usual but with less travel for now.

We feel for those folks thrust into a new reality overnight having to figure out what to do with the kids all day, how to keep earning that income and doing without allot of what they are used to.

We are thinking this Corona virus is almost overnight going to change allot of how the world has been doing things.

Many will see how redundant the industrial age school system really is in these days with child led learning opening up so many opportunities for our future generations to find their talents and interests early on in life, and more importantly love learning again.

Plus it can all be learned online through various online platforms and universities at their own pace and uninterrupted in a time of crisis, such as now.

Even though this is a time of crisis we hope people take time to reflect on the “hamster wheel” many are unhappily trapped in and see that they can enjoy their own children stolen by the system for the majority of the week.

In this ” social distancing” time get to know your children on a deeper level as beautiful individual human beings , be their friends, yes friends not authoritarian figures. Have meaningful conversations with them for hours with no time constraints. Learn to laugh with them, read together, paint, pray, meditate, yoga, play ball, play games, tell stories and just “be” in the same space.

Put down the device and make connections with them , they are your gifts to treasure and not dread having to “home school” during this crisis.

Look into self directed learning, look into home schooling. Your kids have been created smart, interested and passionate. Let them discover it. Let them learn about the important things in life instead of having to memorize information now stored on Google and do hours of time wasting homework.

Teach them about life, money, budgeting, planning, household, gardening, cooking local and exotic dishes. Read or watch documentaries on faraway countries and their cultures.

Many forward thinking companies, entrepreneurs and small business owners will be looking how they and their employees can work remotely where possible and how to automate much of their businesses and keep earning in a time of crisis such as now. Small businesses will not be able to pay salaries if this carries on for months if they are not able to operate. Its not the last time something like this will happen.

We are fortunate to already be earning online plus helping our international clients automate their own businesses no matter in which industry they are in or how much online marketing knowledge they have, so our source of income is not interrupted during this time of crisis and neither is theirs.

But I’m thinking, this crisis may be a good thing if it moves more of you to educate and earn online.
Because families with kids educating from home and parents working online do spend more time together, learn to manage their own time and maybe get to travel and experience the world and cultures in reality and not just text books or programs.

Say what you want, travel makes you more aware of what’s going on in the planet, more compassionate towards people from cultures you don’t know especially when you have experience their kindness and hospitality, seen their challenges and way of life.

Travel connects us to each other, we have friends all over the world right now and we are all checking in with each other during this Covid19 pandemic.

We are praying for each other, sending uplifting messages and keeping each other company especially with our precious travel sister in Italy giving us ” on the ground daily updates” on their desperate situation. We are connected, we care about each other.

During this time, the air pollution in China, Italy and many other countries has disappeared with the closing of factories and limited traffic.

In Venice dolphins are swimming in the clear waters of the canals where you can now see fish and swans. I pray we will rethink our pollution of this beautiful planet too and be more considerate of the creatures we share it with.

Our personal opinion is that this COVID19 is a chance to RESET. Reset in our personal lives, reset in our professional lives and hopefully a reset on how we treat this planet. It’s the perfect time to rethink how you have been doing life and change it. ]

I mean you have time now at home to research, up skill or implement automation strategies. Meaning that maybe you and your family could be traveling the world, learning and experiencing it together as a family free of consumerism and material shackles soon.

And maybe we see more of you out here as we enter our 4th year of our amazing Digital Nomad worldschooling life.