How to Create a Online Revenue Stream from a Physical Business

This is based on building a sustainable passive income online business, and this is how you will get travel the globe without a home base.

We do, as do thousands of others, from all walks of life and business models.

The basics
We are all experts in something, and it is usually the thing that you are asked about the most, but you can also work in a different related field or niche.

Now I do not blog, to lazy, I have a YouTube channel but hardly post anything other than free Photoshop t-shirt design tutorials, and I do not sell affiliate products or do multi level marketing.

Now the most common complaint that i get is:

“we cannot travel because our business is not online”

So let’s take a plumbing business as an example for taking your offline hours for cash business and turning it into a additional online passive income revenue stream.

This works for any industry:

1. Go to Amazon and find the books on plumbing and read the reviews look at the 5 star ones and look at the 1 star reviews.

The 5 star shows what people liked and the low stars shows you where you can improve on the subject.

Hey look you have your first digital product.

In Google search “plumbing how to”

And find out what people are asking, use the google suggest drop down for ideas, write them down.

OK, now take the top 20 questions and film yourself doing the solutions in easy to follow step by step format, preferably using non specialized tools, as in tools that anybody can get at a local hardware store.

You now have your main product, a online course teaching single mothers or lazy husbands or who ever your niche is, how to save time and money fixing the most common plumbing problems without having to hire somebody.

Next take the top 5 problems and bundle them together in a mini course.

Then turn the tutorials into a e-book and publish on kindle.

Take the number one problem and turn that into your Lead Magnet.

Offer one on one Skype calls for a fee

Now you can expand on this and open a Amazon affiliate account and link to all the tools that you use in your videos , open a YouTube account where you post a video related to your niche once every week.

This can be grown over time and expanded on, you use Facebook marketing to drive traffic.

This is what we do to fund our travels:

1. I teach screen printing online
2. ‎I run a yoga for pregnant woman membership website and have a published book on the subject, I know zero about yoga or pregnancy, I hired a yoga school in Thailand to allow me to film different poses and then researched the rest.
3. ‎I teach creatives how to start a online business and grow it
4. ‎we design & dropship custom yoga apparel.
5. ‎I dropship specialized metal pieces as part of the screen printing course.
6. ‎I build chatbots
7. ‎I am certified inbound and email marketing and use that to grow customers business.
8. ‎I will be focusing more on my Shopify and Amazon Merch accounts this year.

This is to show that anybody can take any knowledge and turn it into passive income.

Business is product + traffic + conversion

Now in this course, you will learn how to put all of this together, for any niche, online or offline.

For yourself or for clients.

Easy to follow logic based step by step videos.