How we left South Africa to Travel the Globe

How we left South Africa to Travel the Globe

Hello everyone. We just like you knew we had to leave SA and as quickly as possible as SA was just sucking our time and money month, by month but how ?

We had no assets that would sell in this down economy. We had no big savings to completely relocate to a new country and do the minimum required to apply for permanent residency. In a word, we were broke !

We had our eye on Panama but we didn’t have the funds for setting it all up. We realised the only way to do this was to go online.

Online allows us to earn $ USD , live anywhere we chose and check the world out so see where we would settle one day. Then and still now we do not want to put all our eggs in one basket so to speak. The world is a strange place right now, so if another country goes down like SA and we have to leave, it won’t be a problem as our finances wont be tied to any one country.

This means we will be “ planting flags “ in a few countries , we learned our lesson from SA.

We sold all our stuff except our two suitcases and left SA with R100 000.00 and no online income yet. But we knew what we wanted to do. Off to Thailand we went.

With not much money you go somewhere with a low cost of living but a good standard of living.
We traveled South east Asia staying in amazing places for cheap, eating great food , shopping and doing sightseeing for a third of what it cost us to live in SA.

We spent the next few months getting our online business set up and growing it. We learned allot along the way, we made some mistakes but hey, we did it and we now know how and will show you .

There are literally hundreds of ways to earn an income online and you should do your research. We did for 3 years before leaving and still daily keep up to date with different ways and how they are doing.

Ultimately our conclusion is to either sell a good product for high commission, not affiliate low commission sales) or sell your own created products and services.

Both you will need to know online and social media marketing. That is what we learned being online and that is what we teach in one of our courses.

Very importantly, as we really want to help fellow South Africans get online and get out of dodge we will offer full support for our students throughout the course on the course, and also on leaving..

Where to go?

Which countries are favorable and cheapest to move to.


How to open bank accounts and apply for permanent residency, if you want to travel like we do, we will introduce you to our network of traveling family groups and Digital nomad groups.

Which countries are great for Digital Nomad families, how to book accommodation cheaply ( Not to toot my horn but I am known in the groups as the master of finding great accommodation for cheap, they don’t know how I do it ) All these things and more we will share with you guys in our private Facebook group for people taking one of our courses.

As well as how to deal with skeptical family and friends. You will not be alone on this journey. Plus you will have the support of the other students in the group.

Even if you have no desire to travel as we do you can work online. Perhaps you would like to settle somewhere in a safe foreign country where you dont have to worry about finding a job in the local currency and have to learn the local language to do so.

Maybe you dont have the funds to open a physical business or the desire to take such a big risk in a new country before checking things out first.

We have always wanted to help people and even before we left we knew we as ground breakers would learn through trial and error and when we knew what we were doing and succeeding at it, come back and help our other countrymen do the same.

SA is on a downhill course and we all know how it will end. I know we all worry about family left behind, as do we, but once out here they can see your life and hopefully follow suite. We have loads more we would love to share with you guys but I’ll keep that for the group, let me now explain how we can help you get started.

About The Creative Academy Online marketing course

This course will teach you everything we know about online marketing and this is how we have been earning most of our funds. By the end of this course you will have your own Online marketing agency with absolutely zero prior skill or experience. We give you all the tools to make it super simple and we teach you from start to finish.

It is up to you at what pace you would like to learn and how quickly you will be earning online. We will give you all the tools and guidance you need.

This course is for those who want to start their own online social media marketing agency, or those who already have their own products to sell, or sell other companies products for commission and need to learn everything you need to know about how to get your product in front of qualified customers across the globe.

Its no use having products, having a website and Facebook page and not knowing how to market your product and get it in front of potential customers who are actually looking for your products. We teach very high end marketing strategies and skills on the forefront like Messenger chat bots very simply. So don’t feel like it’s over the top of your head or you are too old school, we have helped many in the past who also thought that of themselves.

Take a look at the intro video on the front page and the modules underneath and join us if you think this is something you could do. If you need to schedule a whats app call with us please contact us and send us your whats app phone number and we will be happy to chat.

If there is a will there is a way, we are proof