Invest in Your Future

Change it up this year.

It’s that time of year again. Yeah, holiday time and family time and a good time to relax after the years struggles and wins.

It is also the most expensive part of the year booking holiday accommodation, eating out often, big parties and of course, Christmas presents.

For those of you planning on emigrating or becoming Digital Nomads let me stop you right there.

This vacation period is but a mere two to three weeks which will probably cost you more money than you have spent the entire year on entertainment  and as soon as its over all the joy from these fleeting moments will be forgotten and you will be at ground zero having to start all over again.

Why not change it up this year?

This is what we did on our last December vacation at home.

We stayed at home, we did not plan any big getaways, yes it was easier for us as we lived on the Garden Route, a prime holiday destination and most of our family would be coming our way anyway.

But if you have to go away, keep it as low cost as possible.

If not think of enjoying your last Christmas and New year at home.

We kept everything low key, instead of big expensive meals out, we bought big fat steaks and threw them on the barbecue at home and enjoyed the time with smaller gatherings of friends and family.

Some quality time with those we loved and knew we would not see in a while.

We became tourists in our own town, enjoying the local parks, gardens, concerts, markets and anything on offer which was mostly free or inexpensive.

It may sound crazy but our mission for the season was to ” Collect money to leave”

We used this time to go through our home and start sorting our things into SELL or DONATE bins.

If possible hold garage sales during this time as people normality have their Christmas bonuses and need some new things.

Donate as much as possible over this time when many are struggling.

The mental relief of seeing your home become empty of things you have not used in years is very liberating and exciting and the gift of giving is deeply rewarding knowing that something that once gave you joy, will now give joy to others.

We only kept aside the most necessary stuff we would need to live with in the next few months.

From now on our philosophy when buying ANYTHING was ” IF ITS NOT GOING WITH US, DON’T BUY IT ” and we were very strict about that.

In our family our birthdays also fall over Christmas and New year so we were super strict about not gifting anything that would not come with us.

For friends and family we also asked them to not buy us anything we can’t take with and if they wanted to buy us gifts we suggested either travel related gifts or money we can put towards new traveling gadgets, suitcase or other travel necessities OR they could gift us money to save in our travel fund or buy what we needed .

We actually also suggested Amazon gift cards which are great on the road when you need something.

Very importantly we invested in ourselves by also putting money aside for our ” Education fund”.

Our education fund was used to pay for courses we wanted to do to up skill ourselves for our new Digital Nomad lifestyle.

We took advantage of Black Friday and cyber Monday and what ever special deals there was going to educating ourselves and setting up our online businesses.

This was extremely important as this was of course how we planned on supporting ourselves in our new worldschooling location independent lifestyle.

Instead of reading some holiday fiction literature over this time, we devoured books and Blogs on traveling, working online, our intended destinations, budgets, virtual traveling and online courses.

We followed families on Facebook and Instagram and learned how they did it, we asked questions and researched. Travel insurance, visa requirements.

Best way to look for accommodation and cheap flights.

What to bring, what not to bring.

You name it. We researched it.

It was really a very exciting time for us knowing we were on a mission and we were doing something completely different to every other December vacation we had had before. We already felt freer and every experience was sweeter knowing that it was probably the last time we would experience these things for a long while in South Africa .

We felt excited!

So guys, keep focused and change it up this year. Instead of throwing money away on things soon forgotten, invest in yourselves, invest in your futures, invest in your new beginnings.

Life is about to get allot more exciting and rewarding for you. Do what it takes to make it happen.

Much love
Bianca and Robert Taylor