Middle Managers: A.I & Automation will take your job!!

Middle Managers: A.I & Automation will take your job!!

Who’s looking out for your career?
Not your boss
Your career is up to you!

Up until now most jobs lost to automation & A.I have belonged to blue collar workers, in fact in America most jobs are lost to automation and not to outsourcing.

Now middle management and other positions are going to be obsolete, lets look at asset managers for example:

They spend all their time gathering and analyzing … data.

Now software and advanced algorithms are faster and more reliable than any human, and any career that involves collecting and analyzing data … the machines are coming for your jobs.

Some people are terrified of the thought that machines and artificial intelligence is going to rule the job market, while others are excited by the possibilities, it all depends on what side of the spectrum you are!

To spare yourself of the trauma, regardless of what your job and industry is right now, you, too, need to begin paying attention to where you fit into the coming automation and digital disruption age in your industry and job category.

Even people whose jobs aren’t lost often have new challenges dealing with new tools, customers and suppliers because of these trends. To remain competitive and employable you need to get on top of things.

Get smart about where your job may be going, what it takes to stay current and invest in “upskilling” yourself to stay ahead of change instead of getting dragged along behind it.

If you are a teenager, you had best start getting into A.I and automation or else you will struggle to find work, and fall even further behind the pay scale.

You cannot run from it, change is coming and then only way to future proof your career is to embrace the digital revolution, learn how to add value and get results to your industry.

chatbots, automated lead nurturing, data collection and analysis, if you are not learning about these very real technologies right now, in a year or two you will find yourself without a job.

The days of study hard …

Get a degree…

Find a job …

and work your way up the corporate ladder …

Then retire are so gone…

Welcome to the digital age 🙂

If you are a youngster, you need to think about your future and start thinking about how you can add value to your preferred industry, via automation and time saving systems.

Trading your time for wages … this is a outdated business practice and unless you want to be in some soul sucking low wage “career” embrace the future of technology.

Learn how to create automated sales funnels, chatbots, websites…

How to find customers and then automate the nurturing process… Saving time will lead to less staff needing to be employed …

You are either creating the systems … or you are being replaced by a system…

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