One Year as a Nomad Family

This week marks one year for us since we left South Africa to pursue our dream of a digital nomad and worldschooling lifestyle.
ONE year, we can hardly believe it. It has been the best year of our lives and certainly my entire life so far. How has our life as digital nomads been so far you may wonder? In a word, we are FREE!!

My entire life when people asked me what I wanted for my life, I responded with ” I want to be FREE! ” I didn’t even entirely know what that meant back then but I knew I wasn’t free.

Well firstly through the next years Jesus Christ set me FREE of my depression, addictions, untruths and pain by showing me the TRUTH in Him I needed to know.

That gave me peace and understanding within but physically I was still not free. I was trapped living a life in a hamster wheel. A life others expected me live. Feeling inadequate and constantly judged although working more hours per week than anyone we knew and not being able to afford basic luxuries like eating out at a restaurant.

This was rubbish.

We have not come on to this planet to work out lives away to only afford a meager life and to live at a high cost of living and acquire material possessions as a show of our success. This was meaningless to me. And vanity as King Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes so rightly states.

When our gift of a son was born I knew more than ever that we needed to be FREE. We worked really hard and committed many hours to learning about and implementing a location independent income.

So if people tell me ” you are so lucky ” or ” I wish we could just travel the world ” my response is, ” make it happen, luck has nothing to do with it. Do what it takes, give those extra hours to educate and implement your location independent income, just do it! ” There is no place for fear in this lifestyle and so our FAITH has become so much stronger.

What you need appears every time. So Speak what you need , believe and wait.

Our marriage had strengthened whereas in SA it was touch and go with all the outside pressures, political pressure in South Africa. Safety concerns, others constantly judging us. Lack of time together due to the need to always be working.

Now, as a location independent family we have time together everyday , exploring new places and experiences Being together instead of separated by work/school. Our sons education is a family affair. Our businesses are a family affair.

We are a team the three of us.

Our work does not define who we are, it is not WHAT WE DO with our lives, it is just how we earn our money. Our lives and adventures, our experiences, that is WHAT WE DO, that is who we are.

Stuff and the accumulation of stuff has been a bane of mine for quite some time now as many of my friends well know. It was absolutely liberating selling and giving it away and while traveling we have even taken it a step further. We don’t buy what we don’t need.

If it doesn’t fit in our suitcase it gets donated. Hence we don’t buy expensive either. Our son had one carry on bag for his toys, he knows he will have to donate some if he buys new ones.

So he doesn’t buy many or expensive ones. You start to realise how little you actually need to live this life and be happy.

Stuff no longer owns us.

We always buy art supplies and he gets creative with that, nature around us and his Tablet. He makes friends from all around all the world and age and language is not a factor. He learns what he is interested in, not only from books, but hands on.

He learns about different foods, music, history, math. socializing , communication, different Cultures, religions , the natural world

Travelers are the most interesting people and we have met the most incredible people along the way, locals and travelers alike. This is the vision we were given for our life and we are not only happy and excited for each day, we are thriving in it.

We will never go back to ” regular life ” we may settle longer in one place for our son at some point, but we will always be free to stay or go as we please. We are so happy and our stresses are minimal compared to what they were in the hamster wheel, and we deal with them as they come, a weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

If this is the desire of your hearts.

Just do it.
Don’t live your lives on other people’s terms, don’t feel trapped. Put in the work and make it happen. If we could change our life so drastically, anybody else can.
We did this on our own, with not much financially and no help.
But we had a lot of FAITH and took the road offered to us.

Here’s to the best year of our lives so far and thanks to our friends and family for sharing the journey with us on facebook.
We love you guys !!