Freedom of Choice … The Ultimate Freedom

No Skills Required

No matter the business model, without marketing they will not exist.

Master Digital Marketing and offer an invaluable service to any business from anywhere.

We get to travel the world as a family, using these skills, and nothing is stopping you from doing the same.

You will learn every skill and tool necessary to be able to market any product or service, while having the freedom to decide how and when you work.

This is a scalable actual business, and if you treat it as such, there is no limit to your achievements.

I have over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in FMCG, real estate and online marketing.

No prior Skills required …All you need is a open mind and the wish to have the  freedom of choice.

Remember everything that you know, you learnt, this is no different.

You can use these skills and tools to either grow your own business or service, or assist others in growing their business.

Each module is easy to follow, with the aim that you take action and then move on to the next module.

Web Design

You will learn how to build responsive websites, with zero skills required, including a few tricks to rapidly deploy custom websites.


Cutting Edge automation tools for generating leads on autopilot. We use chatbots to automate answering inquiries for our services.


Time should be spent growing the actual business and not doing repetitive tasks, connect your lead generating system to over 100 services and speed up productivity.

passive income

Once you understand the marketing system, it is time to connect a few passive income revenue streams to your business, on autopilot.

Sales Funnels

The "magic" to growing any business. This is your flagship service with every other tool built to enhance and optimize the customer buyers journey.

Copy writing

Words sell products, you will learn the basics of effective copy writing and writing sales pages and advertorials, it is easier than you think.

Social Media

Learn how to drive free and paid traffic to any product or service page, and how to analyze the data collected to precision market to the right audience at the lowest price.

Building a Client Base

Learn how to get your first client and scale your business in the shortest possible time, without compromising your values.

In Demand Skills

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” One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things. ”
Henry Miller