Pieter & Stefnie – Digital Nomads Interview

1: Please introduce yourselves and your family and where you are from?

We are Pieter (British) and Stefnie (South Africa). We met in 2017 in Abu Dhabi when we were working in the same hotel nightlife venue. Stef was performing in the band and Pete had been working there for several years as a DJ.

2: What made you take the leap into leaving your home country and when ?

We had both been away from our home countries for a number of years collectively when we met. International work opportunities and general unhappiness/restlessness in our home towns led us to take the leap and leave UK and SA. Being creative people, travel has made sense for us and we both have enjoyed working overseas. Stef toured several countries as a singer.

3: Are you digital nomads, worldschoolers or have you settled in a new country ?

When we met, we both worked in the same hotel and then Stef went on a tour of China and Pete remained in Abu Dhabi. When the tour was over, Stef returned to Abu Dhabi while Pete continued to work as a DJ and both of us started freelancing on Fiverr. We were sharing a small one-bedroom hotel room and wanted a more laidback lifestyle in a new country, so chose to move to Tbilisi, Georgia. We moved here at the end of 2018.

4: The big question, how do you sustain yourselves financially?

At the moment, we are a hybrid between digital nomad and employed. Stef has chosen a new career path as a kindergarten teacher, teaching English in a school close to our new apartment – and loving the change! She is still continuing her online work – singing, songwriting and this brings in a few hundred dollars extra per month. Pete has now moved from DJing to full-time digital nomad doing music production on Fiverr. We have taken a long lease on an apartment here and hope to settle for a while.

5: Do you have any blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or other social media we can follow you on? ( please share links)





5: Looking back, what are the best tips you can give other families wanting to do the same?

Back-up savings are your friend and the more sources of income, the better! Don’t overthink it either. Pack up and go – life is short, cyclical and above all, an adventure!

6: How different is your life now and what are the most positive results you can share with us?

We are very different people from when we met. We took the leap and moved to a new country because we were tired of working in nightlife and both realized that the only way to predict the future was to create it for ourselves. We have gained exponential wisdom in the journey that we have chosen – in managing finances, adapting to new cultures etc.

7: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers to inspire them to take the leap?

There’s no silver bullet or ‘secret sauce’ to making money online. It takes work and effort and it helps to be a self-starter or motivated person. We believe that everyone has a talent which can be monetized.
Travel is our teacher – and a good one at that!