Starting Over in a New Country is Hard!

Emigrating  and starting from scratch is not an easy choice to make but that is where many South Africans find themselves today.

How and where to start over?

We are not really fussy on the WHERE as long as its safe, but the HOW is normally what stumps most people whether they have the BUCKS or not. HOW will I support my family financially in a foreign country?

Apply for a job in a foreign country. This can take time and you normally need a degree and must not be too “old”. But doable if you have the time to wait and in the right age group.

Entrepreneurs normally look at starting a new business in the new country. They look at duplicating what they did in SA in the new country. This is possible but highly risky and expensive as any successful entrepreneur knows.

You cannot just start a new business in a new area without knowing the local market well, be it in a new area in SA or more so in a completely foreign country.

In our travels we have heard of many entrepreneurs who just came over, opened businesses and went broke in a year and had to return home.

Talk about dream crushing.

Doable if you have the bucks to support your family while you move to New country and scout opportunities for the next year and you are able to get around the visa requirements for that year.

Create your own income in your preferred currency and earn-able from anywhere in the world. Doable if you already have the knowledge, the TIME to acquire the  knowledge or the BUCKS to acquire the knowledge on how to do this.

  • Less risky than option 1 and 2
  • Less financially risky than option 2.
  • Better than option 1 if you don’t have the time to wait, the degree or don’t fall in the right age bracket.

That is how we looked at our options before leaving SA. We attempted option 1 and investigated Option 2 but decided option 3 was by far the less risky for us and bought us time to travel and decide where our new home would be .

Option 3: Earning an online income needed the least amount of financial investment and it did not inhibit  our ability to earn from wherever we traveled or lived.

An online business  also gave us the opportunity to apply for Permanent Residency in a few countries through registering the business there plus in some countries income earned outside of the country would be tax free.

The next big step. We needed to acquire the knowledge to set up an online business.  BUT we didn’t have the TIME, or much if it at the end of the day. We didn’t have the big BUCKS to buy the $1000.00 plus courses for the  knowledge either.

So we made the TIME to learn and we saved the BUCKS to  buy the knowledge.

Here is the crux of it.
Nothing is FREE.

So you either spend the TIME and research and find the knowledge yourself like we did for three years, or you BUY the knowledge to save you the TIME  from others who  already have it.

Trust me, if they have it, they earned it through hard lessons, buying it and learning it over a long period of time. It has HUGE value!

If you have the BUCKS, buy the knowledge and get started. Make sure that whoever you are buying the KNOWLEDGE  from has and is successful in earning a USD or strong foreign currency.

That they have successfully left SA and have set up their online businesses in foreign countries and are living a life you would like to live. It’s no use buying a course from a really good marketer but they have not actually succeeded in earning USD or a foreign currency and they are still stuck in SA. That is not going to work for you.

If you don’t have the BUCKS now,  start researching as much as you can. Sell some things as we did to purchase the smaller courses to get you started earning online .

Save what you earn through those courses,  to buy the bigger more complete step by step courses.  Or keep saving until you can buy the course you really want to do from those already doing what you want to accomplish.

Good luck guys. If we could do it, so can you, here is our full story.