As a traveling family we have met so many other traveling families who support themselves by at least one of the adults teaching online.They make enough to support their travels and their time is their own. They set their own hours and how many hours they wanted to teach each month.

This sounded great to me, I would love to make a few extra US Dollars a month and gain some teaching experience for my CV. So I started searching.

Firstly all my friends recommendations turned out to be for either Americans, Canadians, New Zealand and Australians but not South Africans. I soon came to realize this would become my biggest stumbling block as I scoured the internet and contacted online teaching companies. For some reason, they did not like our accents.

It became clearer to me when I volunteered teaching English in Vietnam. They wanted me to put on my best American accent. You see they are trying to learn conversational English and they want either America or British based accents, much like on TV.

So at that stage I dropped the whole teach English online and US Dollars dream and carried on building our other online income streams. .

I had met a few South Africans who had done the TEFL and who were teaching at schools in Thailand and although it is an option for some it is a full time job earning as much or less as they would teaching online. But again, the online options are limited for them being South Africans.

It was a matter of knowing someone they told me .

With more and more people feeling the urgency to leave SA, we wanted to help as we had done it with very little two years earlier.

So we created our online course teaching the skills we use to be able to travel the world and work online and we wanted to look for other viable online options for our fellow South Africans.

Third time’s a charm they say and I am not one to give up easily. My philosophy has always been “ If they can do it, so can we !”

So back I went and researched the best online teaching companies I could find.

I emailed them all and explained who we were as an online company and who the South Africans we represent are. I explained we would pre-qualify and prepare future native English speaking teachers from South Africa for their teaching position etc.

Most came back to me and told me “sorry, we do not accept South Africans” and some took forever to come back to me and some not at all.

The challenges of dealing with some Chinese companies can be beyond challenging to say the least. But one very good company did come back to me to continue the discussion and how we would go about it.

Eventually they agreed and we are now official recruiters for South Africans wanting to teach English online and gave us a dedicated link to send our recruits through.

The minimum requirements is a bachelors degree, and a neutral English accent.

Teaching English online to Chinese students is a sustainable and legitimate career or secondary income where you will start earning right away.

Whether you want to teach full time or teach part time while you work on getting other online income streams going, it can be as lucrative as you want it to be depending on how many hours you are willing to teach.

They pay anywhere from $15-$20 /  hour

This is one of the companies where you can scale up your teaching hours which is not the case with some other big ones I had researched.

Teachers battled to add more hours to their schedules as there are just too many teachers and not enough students.

If you are interested, please sign up below and we will send you a e-book with tips to give you the edge when applying, and also the link to sign up with.