The Chase Family – From News Anchor to Digital Nomads

1: Please introduce yourself ( and your family if traveling with you ) and tell us where you are from?

We’re the Chase family and we relocated from Johannesburg to the Mediterranean island of Malta in 2018.

Marc was the national news anchor on in the mornings for nine years until we decided to move countries to start our new adventures. He was also a well known voice on South African airwaves with many ads on radio and television over the past 20 years.

Melissa is a stay at home mom that is learning new skills to be able to work from home. Adam is a busy five year old who loves maths, being active outdoors and exploring his new home. Jordan is a two and a half year old who thinks he is a big boy like his brother and loves dancing.

2: What made you take the leap into leaving your home country ?

We wanted to go on an adventure with our children. Traveling and experiencing different places and cultures are important to us and developing our children’s view of the world. With being able to work remotely this made it all possible.

3: Are you digital nomad/s traveling full time or taking many long trips or have you settled in a new country?

We settled in Malta with the view of being close enough to Europe so we can take trips whenever we can. We’re digital nomads in the sense that since our work is done remotely we never have to miss out on a project wherever we are.

4: The big question, how do you sustain yourselves financially?

As a voiceover artist, almost all my work is done remotely. All that’s needed is a quiet place to record and an internet connection. From clients in Denmark to the UAE, the UK and even back in South Africa, Marc is able to maintain his voiceover career. Marc also does remote hosting, facilitating and coaching to a growing number of corporates and individuals.

Melissa focuses on our ‘Chasing Malta’ content. It’s a vlog documenting our adventures in moving countries. Melissa edits and prepares our videos for social media as well as our content partners for exclusive content. Most recently Vodacom in South Africa made available our videos on their Video Play platform enabling an even wider audience to see what it’s like moving countries with a family.

We are also developing new ideas and collaborations, watch this space!

5: Looking back, what are the best tips you can give others wanting to do the same?

Make sure you’re moving for the right reasons. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to others and reach out for advice where you can. Do your research! Every place in the world is different and may not suit what you are looking for in life. We moved to Malta sight unseen; to do that we did an incredible amount of research and spoke to the right people which made our transition easier. Throw yourself into your new home, explore as much as you can, take part in community events, talk to locals, and try and integrate as much as possible

6: How different is your life now and what are the most positive results you can share with us?

Moving from a big city to a small village in Malta was such a positive step in our lives. We have to do most things ourselves and learn to take things slower to fit into our new island lifestyle.

The weather here is very different than in South Africa, the summers are extremely hot and humid, winters are cold and very windy. But there are advantages with these kind of temperatures, like during summer going to the beach in the early evening and staying until very late and during winter having fun game nights with friends.

Our children are thriving here with Adam integrating well into school and is very happy. He already has a Maltese accent. We have been able to make lasting friendships.

Malta is a very outdoor kind of lifestyle. We often go and explore towns, take walks and do geocaching, go to historical reenactments and enjoy many festivals. It is also very family friendly and our children go with us everywhere. All of us are learning so much about history, nature and different cultures.

When we feel like traveling we’re only a short flight away from the sights of mainland Europe.

7: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers to inspire them to take the leap?

Life is short, make the most of it. If you want to take the leap and work outside South Africa, focus on work opportunities that allow you to be productive remotely. Develop an international client base that will be able to pay you in a strong currency. Choose places to live that have relatively low cost of living – it’s hard for a digital nomad to start developing themselves and build their income if their costs are high.

Most importantly is to be positive, have belief and value yourself!

8: Do you have any blogs, websites, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or other social media we can follow you on?


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