The Taylor Family Into Our Third Year As Nomads

1: Please introduce yourself ( and your family if traveling with you ) and tell us where you are from?

Hi we are are the Taylor family from South Africa. Bianca, Robert and the little dude.
Today two years ago ( 22 March 2017) we jumped on an aeroplane headed to Singapore to start our new life of travel. We started in South East Asia and spent 14 months there. We then skipped through Russia on the Trans Siberian train and traveled down to Georgia where we have been exploring for 9 months.

2: What made you take the leap into leaving your home country ?

We needed a change in our lifestyle. We didn’t want the regular 9-5 grind and separate work /school routine.
We wanted to explore and learn through travel together as a family. We wanted to move out from the negative political situation in South Africa and be sure to offer our son a safer upbringing with opportunities for his future.

One door was closing behind us as another was opening up in front of us.

3: Are you digital nomad/s, traveling full time or taking many long trips or have you settled in a new country?

We are Digital Nomad meaning we earn a location independent income working online, and we are worldschoolers meaning we learn through travel.

We do a combination of slow and fast travel. This means we will stay in one location for 3 or 4 months exploring the area, making local friends and doing local activities. Between locations we hit the road for some fast travel and do more touristy travel.

4: The big question, how do you sustain yourselves financially?

We are Digital marketers for clients and companies from mainly USA, Europe and some in smaller locations including South Africa. Robert also builds sophisticated chat bots for clients. We offer an online screen printing course and 6 months ago we released a course teaching our Digital marketing skills, so others can do what we do.

5: Looking back, what are the best tips you can give others wanting to do the same?

Research, Preparation and mind set are key.

Research everything you can think of before taking the leap.

Where will we stay?

How will we get around?

Costs? Visas, flights, diseases, dangers in every country, how real people live there not just the touristy things. Communities, everything you can think of.

Mentally put yourself there and see how you feel. If you feel okay even with the ” risks”, you can do this. Coming from South Africa this was very easy as most places are safer than what we deal with and we won’t be going to the dangerous places.

Do not skimp on a good travel insurance. You want to know you and your family will be taken care of if anything should happen.

Prepare for the ” worst case” scenarios should they happen.

Not to be morbid but for peace of mind, knowing your family, particularly your kids will be in good hands should anything happen to you.

Have safety measures in place should you get separated.

Research every place you will travel to well and work out your budget. Find out where to “shop local” as soon as you arrive.

Don’t buy too much stuff you think you will need, as you will find out you won’t need half of it and you can buy most everything everywhere.


This is so important. We left SA knowing we won’t return, we also knew we were not looking for a ” new home” yet.

We were going to be citizens of a temporary world exploring God’s beautiful creation and accepting the world as it is, the good, the bad, the ugly.

We were not leaving with rose tinted glasses on. This mind set has given us a wonderful journey and we have expected little and experienced much.

We have seen so much beauty, experienced so much love and kindness from every day people in every country we have traveled through.

We have accepted each country, city and village as is and appreciated the beauty of ” just life”

6: How different is your life now and what are the most positive results you can share with us?

We are not highly stressed anymore, we are not living on high alert anymore. We have become so close as a couple and as a family.

We are having the time of our lives having experiences we used to dream about three years ago. Things are easier and believe me cheaper to travel without all those extra overheads and responsibilities.

We realized we need so much less stuff to be happy, we now buy and donate from destination to destination to keep traveling light.

We keep saying, how free we feel.

I’m not saying hiccups don’t happen, yes they do of course, but we deal with them and label them ” travel stories” and we know we will laugh about them later, some more later than others 😂 but nothing serious and certainly nothing more serious than back in South Africa.

7: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers to inspire them to take the leap?

Think about why you would want to embark on a digital Nomad lifestyle . Travel is not for everyone, some people prefer routine and familiarity. Travel takes a certain degree of Faith or fearlessness to keep arriving in the unknown and “figuring it out.”

But don’t let this deter you if something inside dreams of this lifestyle, just start slower, or give it a test run before selling up everything. You can even travel slower and find a Digital Nomad or worldschooling community somewhere and stay a few months.

You will find an amazing network of travelers supporting each other and locals are kind, particularly outside of touristy destinations.

We have made so many beautiful friends from all walks of life, both fellow travelers and locals.

The world is a small place and people are people wherever you go.

We are having the best time of our lives and have no intention of stopping our travels any time soon.
Just relax and enjoy the adventure ❤️

8: Do you have any blogs, websites, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or other social media we can follow you on?

Bianca in the snow