Things are different out here

This morning we spoke on the phone with some of the students who will be taking our online course with us and it reminded us of a few things we had forgotten since leaving SA March 2017.

We had forgotten how hard it was to keep our heads above the water there, how much more we needed to just survive in comparison to anywhere we had traveled.

We need so much less to live outside of SA in modern but cheap countries.

We don’t need a car or car insurance for starters. Neither house insurance. Our travel insurance is cheaper than our Momentum or discovery insurance and our medical and dental expenses are so cheap I dont even claim from my insurance.

WE homeschool, so no school fees for our 5 year old but he will take extra classes for art, karate, gym, etc which is affordable.

Our food costs are so much less, why is food so expensive in SA and we farm most of it ? Petrol strikes etc ?

We use very cheap public transport and Uber type services to get around so we dont need to fill our cars with R200 petrol before even thinking of going to the supermarket.

That’s R200 more for our grocery shopping or a lunch out or a touristy adventure.

Children’s entertainment is cheap or free and everywhere we have been, Parks , play areas and indoor play areas when its too hot or cold.

The world out here is much more child friendly than in SA in our experience. So we save there too.

We had forgotten how we struggled for new opportunities there, not that we did not have an abundance of great forward thinking ideas ( My husband is a creative and self proclaimed geek ) But how hard we had to convince other South Africans around us, our mind set is 30 years behind the rest of the world.

Not all of course but the majority. Once out here we just saw opportunities everywhere and so many seeing what we could bring to them with our creative ideas and skills wanting to work with us.

We actually at first got so lost at all the new opportunities we lost our way and had to focus, this was in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

We chose to stick with earning USD and stay online so we could be free to travel further.

Now in Georgia, we see so many opportunities too, Young Georgians wanting to catch up to the rest of the world, recently being freed from their Soviet controlled days.

The next generation ready to break into the new.

So many, but we will stick with what we know ( online ) with minimum cash outlay, but we see many opportunities here for entrepreneurs who can do a thorough due diligence.

WE forgot how stressed we were back in SA and how little time we had as a family together.

How stressed we were under all that political hate and mostly being in a state of high alert all the time and not even being able to sleep peacefully as every sound awoke us ” Are they breaking in ? ”

Our relationship took on allot of strain under all these pressures and it would rub off on our son. We did not want him growing up like that,it is not normal.

We were surrounded by negativity politically and all around us were financially getting poorer and poorer, this is not a mentally healthy place to be.

What you hear, what you speak, what you then believe is what you will attract !! We must get away from it to be successful, we must get away from it so our son does not take on that mind set, he deserves better, he deserves a chance !!

For us personally, and I can only speak for us as I think we expect allot less from a country, but as long as we are safe and we are able to live well for less, we can deal with their negatives.

They are minor and quite normal in comparison from what we came from.

Its not easy money or smooth sailing out here either BUT IT IS so much easier to deal with bumps in the road and the financials without all that added stress we had to deal with back in SA. The abnormal stresses.

For us too, we always say ” well if we dont like in ( insert country name here ) then we can go somewhere else ”
And we can because our income is not dependent on where we live. Some may be, but not all of it.

PHOTO: some quality family time having a picnic in a random kids play area we found in Georgia.