Traveling Family Group Interview

Welcome to our Worldschoolers of the Week, The Taylor Family! Thank you to Bianca Taylor for sharing with us.

Q- First, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your family:

We are a South African family of three who left South Africa in March 2017. We are Robert Taylor (48), Bianca Taylor (46), and our 6 year old son. We travel on South African passports which can be quite challenging at times. We are in our 3rd year of worldschooling now.

Q- Okay, we’ll start with some easy and fun questions to get warmed up:
Favorite item in your suitcase right now

Bianca – Aqua flosser.
Son – dinosaur collection.
Robert – his beanie. He gets cold on his bald head 😂

Q- An item one of you insisted on bringing with and now laugh that you thought you needed it?

We have been worldschooling too long to still carry unnecessary items and we started off very minimalist to start with, but our first stop was in Bangkok, Thailand and we realised all of our “summer clothes” were far too hot for South East Asia. We had to throw out all of our clothing, like 160/180 gram t-shirts and replace with 120/140 gram t-shirts and lightweight pants and dresses.

Q- If you had to wear a t-shirt for a year with just one word on it, what is that word?


Q- What is your family’s motto?

“Work it out.”

Q- If you had one extra hour of free time a day, how would you use it?

Time is no longer an issue for us. We don’t live by a clock or schedule so we are able to do the things we want to.

Q- One very handy thing that you can do better than anyone else you know?

I’m really good at negotiating great accommodation for a really good rate. I’m also a really good researcher. Robert is able to pick up the local language quite quickly.

Q- What mode of transport is your favorite?

Oh my goodness we just love traveling any way possible, we love being on the road. But if I had to choose, I would say by train.

Q- What way to travel most often?

Short distances by local busses or trains. Long distances, flights or overnight trains.

Q- Okay, climbing a bit deeper but first, we have to ask this because everyone wants to know: How do you afford to worldschool?

We create automated marketing systems for our clients from all over the world. We also specialise in A.I automation for businesses. We have also created online courses teaching what we do and how we find our niches and future clients.

Q- What country (or city) has surprised you the most, and why?

I think Turkey. It was way more sophisticated and organised than we thought it would be. The Turkish people are so friendly and hospitable and the ancient sites and scenery including the natural world are so breathtakingly beautiful. Also there is so much to explore in that country alone.

Q- What is an unexpected way that your child has grown and changed as a result of worldschooling?

We left when my son was only 3yo but we have seen him develop into a very confident 6yo quick to pick up the rhythm of each countries language and able to use props ( his toys) as conversational pieces to make new friends, especially where there is a language barrier. He is a self learner and does his own research before we embark on a new adventure and gives us tips.

Q- What city did your family have the best bonding experience in (so far)? Tell us about it.

I can’t say a city because we travelled so much in each country, but it was in the country of Georgia. The reason being not so much the country, but the time. When we arrived in Georgia we were 15 months into our worldschooling journey and had found our groove. We were comfortable, relaxed and confident in this lifestyle. We knew we could go anywhere and it would take a few hours to figure out the basic travel and communication systems of the new place and able to sort ourselves out.
We all found our roles, our son knew what to do to stay close by and safe on travel days , we knew how to find and make friends fast when settled.
It just started becoming normal life and no more stressing out in a new city or country.

Q- How do your family and friends feel about your family worldschooling?

Most family supported us from the start. A small part didn’t and thought we were making the worst mistake and didn’t support us at all. That was hard. But now, into our third year they are all supportive and some even super proud of the lifestyle we have chosen for our family as they can see the outcome .

Q- Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently, just starting out your WS journey?

Our start was perfect for us, it was the only way we could have started this WS journey as we started from very far away with very little money. But 3 years of research behind us and loads of motivation especially from this group. We also had a boat load of Faith that this would work out for us. And it has.
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