Virtual Traveling

Happy Monday from Georgia, Eastern Europe everyone.

We just want to remind you to keep the dream and the vision of a better life at the centre of your thoughts this whole week. I believe that is key.

When we were still in SA I was mentally already living the life we imagined for ourselves and we did not let our lack of funds or qualifications or anything deter us from our goals..

We knew there was a way, we just had to keep pushing forward.

While Robert worked at our business in the day he spent his free time studying, researching and educating himself on earning an online income. While I spent every free minute researching everything we had imagined our new life to be.

I worked out what our budget would have to be in each country.

Where we would live, so I researched accommodations and cities and even countries one by one.

What we would eat at home and out and costs?
What we would see, tourist sites and regular street scenes.
Traveling, so what would our flight costs be to exciting destinations around us. Local travel costs and how?
Crime, culture, history, you name it. I researched it all country by country. I was ” virtual traveling ”

Basically mentally we were there aready, our backsides just had to follow.

Suddenly and I mean suddenly all the pieces fell into place and in a matter of months we were able to leave.

This is Belief/Faith and mental preparation.

It all starts there, dont be deterred, if we could do it so can you .