Why We Love The Internet Age!

I just get so excited about our life. I can’t believe how truly free we are. Take today for example. I had to do some errands and go the local Georgian Revenue service to get a tax number to get a package I had ordered from USA through local customs.

I dreaded it, if it was anything like what any government service was back in South Africa, we would be there for hours with our 5 year old son. But we had to do it, so we braced ourselves and off we went.

A mere 650 meters later we were there . We walked in and were given a number. I asked where I should wait.

She said ” Not to worry, they are waiting for you, go straight in to counter 10″
What, no waiting ?
Not only that, my husband could entertain my son in the indoor play area while they waited for me. Twenty minutes later, it was done and dusted with the friendliest Georgian Revenue service lady.

I took a photo of my document and right there sent it to the delivery company so they could get my package through customs. Yeah for the internet age!!!
No need to go home first or some office service company to send it to them. We can do business on the go.

All this efficiency sent me off on a great and thankful realization of where we are in our lives.

Me to Robert and our son : ” I just love this age we live in, on the go from my phone I could send some documents right away after being at a very efficient Revenue Service office.
We can go out for lunch now and keep on doing any business we need to……
From our phones!
Because we have the Internet!! ”

” I love this age, we don’t need to be held hostage by a location anymore just because we need to get some work done.”
Pause. Letting that sink in.

Not only that, we get to see new and exciting things and have great experiences in between from exciting first world locations all over the world, as a family!!
That’s our favorite part ” As a family ! ”

My son is living and learning real life practical stuff. He even joined in on our
” automation and chat bot ” discussion en route !!! Did I mention he is only 5?

Do people realize how trapped they are and how free they can be? We have options now, it’s not like the old days, stuck and having to deal with inefficiency as is the case in our home country. We have choices now.

Our online services and products are fully automated. We chat to a few people a day, mostly students or people wanting take one of our courses, or answering questions in one of our Facebook groups or catching up with some friends and family over video call or what’s app. We only need hours in front of the pc to set up a new online income stream for ourselves or a new client, or create a course or run an add campaign for us or one of our clients. But other than those days, we can work from our phones and still enjoy the day out there seeing and experiencing new things.

I LOVE our life, and I am very grateful that we can live this life. Anybody can. You can. You just need to put in the time in the beginning.

Come join us!!